Reading analog input!

Learning so far… Through previous blogs (#1, #2, #3, #4, and #5), we looked at working with Genuino board, Arduino software IDE and range [...]

Connecting a simple input device!

If you are following our previous blogs (#1, #2, #3, #4), you would realize that so far we worked on connecting an LED (an output device!) t [...]

Grove – Speaker

#SeeedStudioInAustralia Check out Grove – Speaker for your next audio project. It has power amplification and voice outputs with on-bo [...]

Connecting Genuino Board to Real-World!

The main purpose of Genuino (yes, the open-source microcontroller board) is to build systems that could interact with outside world i.e., ac [...]

Arduino WiFi Shield 101

#ArduinoInAustralia Arduino WiFi Shield 101 is the new shield based on ATWINC1500 for all your IoT needs. The shield supports easy to use li [...]

Steam Sensor

#DFRobotInAustralia Checkout the Steam Sensor from DFRobot. Easy to connect to the Arduino IO Expansion shield directly. The output voltage [...]

Concept of programming variables in your sketch

After going through blog # 1 and # 2, you would have gotten a fair idea of how to setup, connect and program your Genuino board. This blog w [...]

Speech Synthesis Shield for Arduino

#ArduinoInAustralia  #DFRobotInAustralia Make your electronic projects speak with Speech Synthesis Shield for Arduino. This shield is compa [...]

Understanding Genuino Program – A Sketch

What you learnt so far? If you followed the previous blog(s), by now you would have installed and tested the Genuino board successfully. In [...]

Solar Lipo Charger (3.7V)

#DFRobotInAustralia Solar Lipo Charger (3.7V) – intelligent charging for 3.7V Lithium battery. Features reverse polarity protection fo [...]
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