Rover 5 Tank Chassis (2 motors with 2 Encoders)

#DFRobotInAustralia Checkout Rover 5 Tank Chassis for your next robotics project. In contrast to conventional tracked chassis’s the cleara [...]

Romeo – Arduino with Motor Driver

#DFRobotInAustralia Romeo – A great Arduino compatible microcontroller board from DFRobot, specially designed for robotics. It include [...]

Microsoft Azure IoT Starter Kit with Adafruit Feather HUZZAH

#AdafruitInAustralia An IoT starter Kit which is Azure (Microsoft’s cloud solution) certified. This starter kit includes Adafruit Feat [...]

Project Ideas: Control Arduino from Matlab

Arduino is a great open-source platform for quickly prototyping your hardware. You can control a motor, LED and many other devices using Ard [...]

Beginner Kit for Raspberry Pi 2 (Windows10 IoT compatible)

#RaspberryPiInAustralia  #AdafruitInAustralia A basic Raspberry Pi 2 Model B development kit designed for Windows 10 IoT. This beginner kit [...]

Intel GENUINO 101

#GenuinoInAustralia Checkout Genuino 101 – a great learning and development board combining low power Intel Curie and simplicity of Ge [...]

Triple Axis Accelerometer MMA7361

#DFRobotInAustralia Checkout Triple Axis Accelerometer MMA7361 from Freescale. It requires 3.3V to operate and outputs an analog voltage for [...]

Turtle – 2WD Mobile Platform

#ArduinoInAustralia  #DFRobotInAustralia   A great robotic platform for Arduino. Turtle – 2WD Mobile Platform kit consists of tw [...]

Ultrasonic Scanner kit(180°)

#DFRobotInAustralia The Ultrasonic Scanner kit(180°) for robotic applications. Excellent kit for robot navigation, obstacle avoidance and m [...]

URM06 – UART Ultrasonic

#DFRobotInAustralia URM06 – This UART Ultrasonic sensor is comes in a compact, robust PVC housing and matches 35mm electrical pipe mou [...]
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